The TVLP has linked with a local care home, Oak House, to establish a letter writing exchange between their residents and school students at our schools.

Care home residents Peter, Coleen, Joyce, Johnny, Daphne, Lily, and William are all happy to receive letters. William has just turned 100 years old!

If you’re a student from a TVLP school, simply follow the steps below to start writing to one of the residents above.

  1. Start your letter ‘My dear new friend’.
  2. Write about your life, your hobbies, your pets… whatever interests you. You can also choose to include a drawing, a poem or anything creative, if you want to.
  3. Ask them about their youth. Where did they grow up? What job(s) did they do? Did they have a role model growing up? What have their learnt throughout their life?
  4. Sign your letter with your first name only, your age, and your school name (e.g John, aged 13, Beechwood School).
  5. Email a clear photograph, or scanned copy, of your handwritten letter, or email your typed letter, to so this can be forwarded on.
  6. Once we receive a reply, we will forward this back to you ASAP.
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