Wednesday 29th September 2021.

For Prefects, Head Boys, Head Girls, and student leaders at TVLP schools. 

Location: Slough & Eton Church of England Business & Enterprise College. 


Friday 3rd December 2021, 5.00pm – 7.00pm/7.30pm

Location: St Mary’s School Ascot.

Open to students from TVLP schools.

To attend, email your name to


LEARN ABOUT WATER SAFETY, with the Royal Life Saving Society. July 2021.
TVLP CAREER SERIES: Clare talks about her career and gives advice to pupils interested in teaching.
BRAIN INSPIRED COMPUTING, WITH DR STEPHEN LYNCH. A STEM talk hosted by St Joseph's Catholic High School and attended by pupils from other TVLP schools. June 2021.
TVLP WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY: 3 speakers from different organisations: Canal & River Trust, #MoreThanWeeds, & Eton College's Natural History Mueseum.
TVLP STAFF EVENT WITH MARC ROWLAND, Pupil Premium expert and book author. 'From mitigation to success: Addressing educational disadvantage.' May 2021.
CAREER ADVICE FOR STUDENTS WITH A DISABILITY: Webinar talk with Helen Cooke about the free advice and resources available to students with a disability, plus info on their website.
A CAREER IN POLICING: A panel talk with employees from Thames Valley Police, addressing topics relating to race, religion, gender, disability, handling difficult situations, & staff support.
TVLP CAREER SERIES: JOURNALISM (below). Also check out our other career speakers covering senior management in a law firm, back of house and front line careers within Thames Valley Police, and libraries.
TVLP CAREER SERIES: WORKING FOR A UNION (below). Also check out our other career speakers covering architecture & design, fashion and make-up.
TVLP CAREER SERIES: BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE (below). Also check out our other career speakers covering topics including HR, and events management.
FREE COURSES: TVLP’s webinar on the EtonX website courses available for free to UK state-maintained schools. September 2020
TVLP speaker event with Natalie Packer, ‘Training on preparation for OFSTED, & SENCO specific advice’. Recorded in April 2020.
TVLP speaker event with Dr Jonathan Beale, ‘Developing independent learning skills & mastery’.
TVLP speaker event with Dr Iro Konstantinou, 'Developing student resilience'. May 2020.


TVLP speaker webinar with Justin Cochrane, Head Coach for the U16 England National Football Team, and Founder of Holler UK. 13th January 2021.

TVLP ‘Make A Change’ environmental event with speakers Catherine Conway (Unpackaged), and MaidEnergy. 6th March 2020.

TVLP World Book Day speaker event with award-winning author, Muhammad Khan. 28th February 2020.

TVLP speaker event with the Founder of The Big Issue, Lord John Bird. 27th January 2020.