This TVLP competition ran from September – October 2022, during which time students submitted their best drawings, painting and photographs, reflecting the theme of love.

Thanks to the support and assistance of our wonderful school art departments and TVLP Champions, we had a high number of student entries across 7 of our schools: Beechwood School, Holyport College, Slough & Eton C of E Business & Enterprise College, St Joseph’s Catholic High School, St Mary’s School Ascot, The Langley Academy, and Windsor Girls’ School.

Judging proved to be an extremely difficult process, with so many different mediums, techniques and styles to choose from.


WINNER: Adelaide Boucher-Ferte, St Mary’s Ascot. Age 15. Title: ‘Love Life.’ 

Our judge, Emma, liked the different messages behind this artwork, from loving your favourite things, to loving yourself. She liked the detail in the painting and the composition.

SECOND PLACE: Amaya Mckay, Beechwood School. Age 15. Title: ‘Flamingoes.’

A moment of love captured through flamingoes.



WINNER:  Emmanuelle Tanner, St Mary’s School Ascot. Age 16. Title: ‘Nature’s Iconic Symbol of Love.’

Throughout the years, roses have been a symbol of love, not only romantic but also the love for nature and natural processes such as life itself. I depicted the roses to be a beautiful symbol of every type of love. No matter how dark, the roses will always be the light that captivates the energy and love in the room. As Abraham Lincoln said ‘You can complain because roses have thorns or you can rejoice because thorns have roses’. This to me, indicates how roses bring love to a place or situation.

SECOND PLACE: Alicia Acland, Slough & Eton C of E Business & Enterprise College. Age 16. Title: ‘A Mother’s Love.”

I chose to do this piece because I felt that the love that comes naturally is the love of a mother. Motherly love is something that builds as a child grows, the joy brought to a family is the most natural form of love that there is.


WINNER: Amryce Choda, Windsor Girls’ School. Age 13. Title: ‘For One Last Time’.

This photograph is a very touching image and was chosen for this reason. It represents Amryce’s love for her Nannie and was taken while she was in hospital. She said, “I will cherish this moment forever.”



We would like to thank Emma Carr, Arts and Creative Health Manager at Frimley Health Charity, for assisting with the judging.

We would also like to thank Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust for their support in creating a TVLP exhibition at Wexham Park Hospital, displaying student artwork from this competition.

A selection of photos from the TVLP art exhibition launch event, with the Mayor and Mayoress of Slough, are below.

An article from the Slough & South Bucks Observer newspaper, dated 14th October 2022, is below.