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Posted: 1st June 2020.



Posted: 28th May 2020



Our latest research network speaker event is now available to view on YouTube.

Posted: 11th May 2020



Each of the winners will receive a £30 National Book Token gift card.

To view the Hope competition book, containing all the winning and commended entries, click here.

Posted: 29th April 2020



In response to the coronavirus lockdown, and the resulting school closures, we are proud to announce that we now have our own YouTube channel.

There are a number of events which would have taken part at one of our schools, however these can be delivered online through a mixture of live streaming events and pre-recorded videos.

Our first YouTube addition is by Natalie Packer for the TVLP’s SEN staff network, with a Q&A video to follow in 2 weeks time.

You can access our YouTube videos by clicking here

Posted: 22nd April 2020



TVLP students with Catherine Conway, Founder of Unpackaged.

Students from Beechwood School, Eton College, The Langley Academy, St Joseph’s Catholic High School, and The Windsor Boys’ School had an amazing opportunity to hear from, and talk directly to, a number of environmental experts at the TVLP’s ‘Make A Change’ event on 6th March.

They included Catherine Conway, Founder of Unpackaged. She set up the first zero waste shop in the UK over a decade ago and has since advised companies including Waitrose, M&S, & Asda, on their zero waste products and aisles.

TVLP students with Nicola Davidson and Leah Robson from MaidEnergy.

Next were 2 Directors from MaidEnergy, a local solar panel co-operative based in Maidenhead. Nicola Davidson and Leah Robson, gave a thought provoking talk on renewable energy, which included potential careers in the industry.

Students then had the opportunity to mix with pupils from different schools to brainstorm ideas about environmental changes they could make within their own school grounds, canteens etc. They were assisted by knowledgeable volunteers from Plastic Free Windsor, a group set up to encourage people to become plastic free, as well as Catherine, Nicola and Leah.

TVLP students with volunteers from Plastic Free Windsor.

Towards the end of the event, each school then re-grouped to choose 2 potential changes they wanted to investigate making.

Some of the great student ideas

They will be supported by TVLP Coordinator, Clare Matheson. Her previous work in the environmental sector has included advising businesses and third sector organisations on changes they could make in areas including waste, water, travel, and purchasing.

A second TVLP event is scheduled to take place in June 2020, enabling the students to report back on the progress they have made.

The feedback forms from pupils was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% stating they had learnt something new, and comments including:

“I enjoyed the vast amount of opinions and ideas from everyone in every school. It’s good to think some of these will go into action” – The Windsor Boys’ School student.

“[I liked] collaborating with different schools to solve collective problems” – Eton College student.

“It was very interactive and it helped me understand more about the environment” – Beechwood School student.

“I learnt that people can really make a different with just an idea” – The Langley Academy student.

Posted: 6th March 2020



Posted: 5th March 2020



99 students and staff from TVLP schools, including Eton College, Slough & Eton Church of England Business & Enterprise College, St Joseph’s Catholic High School, and The Windsor Boys’ School, attended the TVLP World Book Day speaker event with award-winning author Muhammad Khan, held at Beechwood School in Slough.

Muhammad talked about a number of relevant and challenging topics including Islamophobia, toxic masculinity and femininity, and identity, as well as discussing his path to becoming a published author.

Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive with comments including:

“I liked hearing about the issues experienced by different groups of people” – Beechwood School student

“I learnt that it is vital to be open minded” – The Windsor Boys’ School student

“It inspired me a lot to follow my dreams” – Beechwood School student.

A student from Beechwood School, and a student from The Windsor Boys’ School, won a signed copy of his book ‘Split’ plus a copy of his previous book ‘Kick the Moon’.

A number of pupils took the chance at the end of the event to get photographs with Muhammad, who was very obliging.

Muhammad is an engineer, a secondary-school maths teacher, and a YA author. He takes his inspiration from the children he teaches, as well as his own upbringing as a British-born Pakistani. His debut novel I Am Thunder was shortlisted for the YA Book Prize, won the Branford Boase First Novel Award, the 2018 Great Reads Award and a number of regional awards.

His latest book, Split, is available for free at mainstream book retailers through the National Book Token scheme.

To find out more about upcoming TVLP events, click here.

Posted: 2nd March 2020



Over 150 students, staff and parents from our schools, including Beechwood School and Eton College, attended the TVLP’s speaker event with Lord Bird at St Joseph’s Catholic High School in Slough.

They were all keen to hear about Lord Bird’s unique life story from poverty, homelessness at the age of 5, crime and exclusion from school, to establishing The Big Issue and now being a Member of the House of Lords, working to get his Future Generations Bill through parliament. 

During the event question & answer session, a student asked Lord Bird whether he had any advice for them. His response was “never give up”.

Feedback from his unique and unorthodox style of speech was overwhelmingly positive, with student comments including:

“Lord Bird’s life story from a rough upbringing shows how determination and a vision can alter things, both for him and for millions of others”

“Lord Bird gave a very different outlook on how to think outside the box but also how the box could be changed” 

“I enjoyed the jokes because they engaged my attention”

“This truly brought back my faith in humanity” 

A number of pupils took the chance at the end of the event to get photographs with Lord Bird, who was very obliging.

Pictured: Lord Bird with 5 students from St Joseph’s Catholic High School.

Pictured left to right: 4 students from St Joseph’s Catholic High School, Ciran Stapleton, Headteacher at St Joseph’s Catholic High School, Lord Bird, a student at Eton College, Clare Matheson, TVLP Coordinator, a student from Eton College, Misha Mehta, Eton’s Social Action Mentor.

A signed copy of Lord Bird’s book ‘How to Change your Life in 7 Steps’ was won by event attendee, Vimbai Chunga, a student at St Joseph’s Catholic High School.

Pictured above: The Slough & South Bucks Express article covering the event.

To read the story, see our external articles page by clicking here.

To find out more about upcoming TVLP events, click here.

Posted: 28th January 2020.



Pictured left to right: Natalia Malczewska (commended) from St Joseph’s Catholic High School, TVLP Coordinator Clare Matheson, The Mayor of Slough Councillor Avtar Kaur Cheema, Aoife Brennan (competition winner), Deimante Montvilaite (highly commended), & Joshua Dewing, all from The Langley Academy

The TVLP Student Environmental Photographer of the Year competition was a huge success. We had entries from students at 7 of our schools, with 1 winner being selected and 4 runner up entries.

The competition exhibition was launched by the Mayor of Slough, Councillor Avtar Kaur Cheema, on 2nd December.

All 45 images will be on display at The Curve (1st floor) until 31st January 2020

Posted: 3rd December 2019



Congratulations to the WINNER of the TVLP Student Environmental Photographer of the Year competition.

Winner: Aoife Brennan from The Langley Academy. Age: 17.

Aoife’s decision to capture this well-known brand in a stylised way, ‘littering’ the environment, was very relevant to the competition brief, especially given that Coca-Cola was named the world’s most polluting brand in a plastic waste audit. The photo demonstrates how much humans are impacting our planet, while also being an excellent photograph in its own right.

We had a lot of entries from across 7 of our schools so it was a difficult decision choosing from the shortlisted images. Four others stood out to our judges so we chose those as runners up. They are as follows:

Highly Commended: Deimante Montvilaite, The Langley Academy. Age: 18

Commended: Francesca White, St Mary’s School Ascot. Age: 17

Commended: Natalia Malczewska, St Joseph’s Catholic High School. Age: 13

Commended: Hayden Newell, The Windsor Boys’ School. Age: 14

All the shortlisted images will be on display at The Curve in Slough throughout December 2019 and January 2020.

Thank you to the judges from Rhubarb & Custard Photography, Salli (left, in the photo above), Rosie (right, in the photo above), and Kirsty. Rhubarb & Custard also donated the winning prize: a DSLR photography 1 day Workshop worth £125

Posted: 30th November 2019



Back row, left to right: Ben McCarey, Head Master, Holyport College; Alison Lusuardi, Head Teacher, The Langley Academy; Simon Henderson, Head Master, Eton College; Danuta Staunton, Headmistress, St Mary’s School Ascot; Gavin Henderson, Head Teacher, The Windsor Boys’ School. Front row, left to right: Peter Collins, Head Teacher, Slough & Eton Church of England Business & Enterprise College; Kathleen Higgins, Head Teacher, Beechwood School; Ciran Stapleton, Head Teacher, St Joseph’s Catholic High School.

The Head Teachers from the Thames Valley Learning Partnership held their first meeting, since the appointment of the TVLP Coordinator, on Wednesday 20th November.

They agreed on the positive progress made by the TVLP Coordinator, and on the TVLP Events Programme for the 2019-20 academic year, which was drafted following ideas and feedback from various teachers, support staff, students and the Heads themselves.

Upcoming events, which are open to students and/or staff from every TVLP school, can be found on our Events page

Posted: 21st November 2019



As well as a fabulous prize, we now have a great venue, The Curve in Slough, where shortlisted student photographs will be displayed in December & January.

For information on how to enter the competition, go to

For information on The Curve, go to

Posted: 25th October 2019



We are delighted to announce the prize for the TVLP Student Environmental Photographer of the Year competition, which is now open for entries.

A DSLR Photography 1 Day Workshop, worth £125, courtesy of Rhubarb & Custard.

Subjects covered will include:

Setting up your camera and basic camera functions and settings, the basics of exposure, composition – creating impact, exposure practical session, settings, exposure and composition review, with practical, pulling it all together.

For information on all the courses Rhubarb & Custard run, go to

For information on how to enter the competition, go to

Posted: 22nd October 2019



Our first newsletter has now been published and will be reaching TVLP school staff rooms this week.

Read it here first:

Posted: 16th October 2019



Congratulations to student Haashim Bukhari, aged 17, from Slough & Eton C of E Business & Enterprise College, pictured here receiving the £70 arts hamper (donated by Hobbycraft, Staines store) and certificate for his winning TVLP logo design entry.

Posted: October 2019



Congratulations to the WINNER of the TVLP student logo design competition:

Haashim Bukhari from Slough & Eton Business & Enterprise College.

It was a difficult decision choosing from the shortlisted entries so we also chose two worthy runner up designs. They were created by:

Thomas Barry from Eton College, and Pey Ying Tsang from The Langley Academy.

Logo design can be challenging so what impressed us was that the finalists’ designs were all quite different and used disciplines which, as designers, we see all the time when tackling a brief. Overall, the standard of the students’ entries was very high.

Winner: Haashim Bukhari. We really liked the simplicity of this design – less is more after all – and especially the use of the abstract pattern to evoke water. But what nudged this entry slightly higher and made it the winner was that it is really current – it would really stand out in a noisy graphic environment and especially in social media – good design is strong communication after all, and Haashim really nails it!

Highly Commended: Pey Ying Tsang. We love the way that Pey has thought about concept here. Ideas and partnerships are key to what the Thames Valley Learning Partnership is all about so a visual device which represents this will always say more than a logo which just looks aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t actually say anything! Well done Pey.

Highly Commended: Thomas Barry. Again, another strong concept here – the River Thames device which weaves through the letters pulling the typography together in partnership is a cool and bold idea. And lower case is always a nice option when you want a logo to look understated and confident. Great work Thomas!

Thank you to the judges from Dunk Design, Duncan Gordon (Managing Director), Leigh Hammans (Client Services Director), and Chris Prior (Graphic Designer), all seen in the above photo

Posted: September 2019



A design competition has been launched across our partner schools, aimed at getting students to submit designs for the Thames Valley Learning Partnership’s logo.

With no current branding guidelines, pupils are free to fully use their imaginations and creativity.

The chosen logo will be used on our website, on our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and on our promotional materials.

Hand drawn entries are welcome.


Helping to judge the entries will be Dunk Design, a creative design, print and digital solutions company based in Windsor.

To view some of their work, see their website


The competition prize, pictured here with Hobbycraft, Staines Manager, Kiran.

A special thank you to Hobbycraft, Staines branch, who have kindly donated a prize for the winning student. It includes Daler Rowney, Derwent & Reeves products and is worth £70.00 (retail value).

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 24th September.

For further details contact Clare Matheson, TVLP Coordinator, by emailing

Posted: September 2019



The Thames Valley Learning Partnership has appointed a Coordinator this month, Clare Matheson.

Clare has had a successful career in project management in the third sector. She has relevant experience across a range of skills including events, communication and marketing.

Outside of her TVLP role, she also plays an active part in her children’s school PTA.

Clare stated, “I’m really excited by the prospect of state and independent school collaboration. Opening up the different facilities, resources and contacts in each school will help increase the opportunities, experience and knowledge available to students, teachers and support staff across the partnership.”

To contact Clare please email

Posted: September 2019