Be Yourself.
By Firdows Ahmadi, Year 7, Beechwood School.

Be yourself, no need to change yourself to become someone else.
Be normal, do things your own way.
Be brilliant, think highly of yourself.
Be creative, have a big imagination.
Be confident, dream big.
Be proud of who you are.
Be caring and sharing, help people around you.
Be honest, no need to lie.

Be awesome. Be admirable. Be marvellous.
Be thoughtful. Be giving. Be happy.
Be wise. Be adventurous. Be brave.
Be smart. Be cool. Be clever.
Be bright. Be cheerful. Be generous.
Be friendly. Be healthy. Be excellent.
Be loyal. Be powerful. Be strong.
Be energetic. Be determined. Be helpful.
Be hardworking. Be fearless. Be good.
Be kind.
Be you.